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Cocoa Counseling Center was founded on the principles of Christ. We believe honesty, integrity and compassion are the cornerstone of our practice.   Our clinicians are dedicated to the personal growth of each individual client; each with years of experience in counseling.Our humanistic approach is client-centered and based in the Jungian and Rogerian theoretical perspectives.

We work cooperatively with each client to eliminate barriers to their personal mental health.  Our therapeutic approach works because we create an atmosphere of safety, confidentiality, and positive self regard. We journey with each client to enhance their knowledge of themselves and social systems at play in their lives.  Together , we determine practical solutions to promote transformation from the inside out.  Our practice is unique in our expert approach and delivery that allows each client to use our services and begin healing.

Cocoa Counseling Center strives to provide explorative counseling that is expeditious in nature.  We want to empower people; promoting self awareness and self efficacy instead of dependency on the therapeutic process. In over 16 years of working in personal growth and mental health field, we have developed an approach clients describe as "powerfully transformative".

People  had prior experience with therapy report Cocoa Counseling Center as being different, refreshing, and effective. CCC is a good fit when you are ready to do your 'work.' Specifically, if you are willing to explore difficult feelings and/or unresolved situations in your life, in the spirit, of course, of bringing them resolution and allowing these experiences to add to your wisdom, growth, and ability.

If you are looking for Therapy That Works...make an appointment at Cocoa Counseling Center.